Introducing Yan Oda: Characters and Actors

Star TV Introduces Characters from Its New Series “Yan Oda”, Premiering on Saturday, March 9th. Viewers will be treated to the intriguing characters of heroes brought together by one captivating story.

SEVGİ (Şevval Sam)

She is Şelale’s mother and Fikret Alabey’s new wife. The daughter of a woman suffering from hypochondria and practically bedridden. From a young age, Sevgi had to do all the household work and take care of her mother, whom she could not leave behind.

FİKRET (Caner Cindoruk)

Fikret is a well-known and successful businessman in Turkey, a representative of the Alabey family. His innate talents and insightful mind made him the family’s favorite child without any effort. He is Taylan’s father and Sevgi’s new husband.

TAYLAN (Onur Seyit Yaran)

Taylan is Fikret’s son, the heir of the Alabey family. Since birth, Taylan has been a privileged child whose antics were always overlooked, unlike his cousins, who are his peers. He is one of those who loves luxury and lives for pleasures.

ŞELALE (Derya Pınar Ak)

Şelale is Cevale’s granddaughter and Sevgi’s daughter. Due to her grandmother’s illness, her aunt’s sociophobia, and her authoritarian and despotic mother, Şelale had a rather difficult childhood.

NURDCIHAN (Nazan Kesal)

Nurdcihan is the eldest and most authoritative member of the Alabey family, Taylan’s grandmother. Utilizing the inheritance she received from her father, she saved her family from a dire situation, making her voice always decisive in family matters.

CEVALE (Melek Baykal)

Cevale is Şelale’s grandmother, suffering from anxiety attacks. She is never satisfied with anything in life and always anticipates the worst. Despite her grumpiness and rudeness, it becomes clear over time how much she loves her family.

PERVIN (Derya Karadaş)

Pervin is Nurdcihan’s daughter, Selim’s wife. All her life, she strived to be a daughter worthy of her mother. For this, she even married a man deemed suitable, primarily for their family and who could be easily controlled.

FERHAN (Bülent Polat)

Ferhan is Taylan’s uncle, the unloved son of the Alabey family. Since childhood, Ferhan envied his older brother Fikret. Showing his character, he broke his family’s rule, which forever distanced him from them.

SELDA (Nezaket Erden)

Selda is Şelale’s aunt, Sevgi’s sister. The sense of worthlessness within her is so great that she avoids new acquaintances by any means and cannot look people in the eye during conversation, especially those outside her usual social circle.

SELIM (Mehmet Bilge Aslan)

Selim is Anıl and İdil’s father, son-in-law of the Alabey family. The class oppression his family suffered affected Selim too. For this reason, he considers himself unworthy of the Alabey family. He’s not a man of decisions; Selim is more a man of duty.

ANIL (Samet Kaan Kuyucu)

Anil is Taylan’s cousin, the son of Selim and Pervin. Anil has always been considered the “secondary” child. Growing up in the shadow of Taylan, he could never understand the reasons behind his cousin’s popularity. He always felt different from those around him and experienced discomfort because of this.

IDIL (Irem Kübra Bakırtaş)

Idil is Taylan’s cousin, the daughter of Selim and Pervin. Idil, who did not receive the maternal love she yearned for in childhood, grew up feeling a lack of her mother’s affection. Although she tries to hide it, criticism about her weight deeply wounds her soul.

SIMTEN (Nazlı Çetin)

Simten is Taylan’s girlfriend. Since childhood, she has lived in the Alabey family mansion. Like her sister Mihre, Simten has been friends with Anıl and Taylan since they were children.

MIHRE (Nilsu Yılmaz)

Mihre is Anıl’s beloved. Like her sister Simten, Mihre has lived in the Alabey family mansion since childhood and is friends with Taylan and Anıl.

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