İlhan Şen is leaving the series “Safir”

In the series “Safir”, filmed in the magical Cappadocia, there will be significant changes in the cast.

After the departure of Ipek Tuzcuoğlu, who brought the character Gülfem to life, it has been revealed that the series team will soon bid farewell to several more key actors.

The lead actor, İlhan Şen, appreciated by viewers for his striking performance, will also be leaving the project as his character’s story in the script has concluded. Along with him, the cast will lose Gizem Karaca, who joined the series as Güneş, and Erkan Bektaş, who portrayed Vural.

The rating of the episode to be broadcast next week will determine whether the 26th episode will be the finale or if the series will be extended for more episodes.

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