New Actor in Yabani

To the cast of the series “Yabani”, Ata Artman has joined, whom viewers might recognize for his role as Kuzey in the series “Bir dardim var.” The young actor has joined the series team as Deniz Aydın, the son of Güven and Özge.

The official page of the series on social networks welcomed the actor and provided a brief description for viewers to get to know the character better.

He is very intelligent, cheerful, sweet, and devoted to his family. Deniz is the ideal son.

However, information from behind the scenes suggests that Deniz will not be such a simple and harmless guy. Unwilling to share his father with his older brother, whom he has just learned about, he will enter into a one-sided rivalry with Yaman Ali. Deniz will do anything to keep his family together.

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